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Cost: $200

Adults will learn how to: 
Catch a horse safely from a corral or field.
Lead a horse correctly and how to handle them if they act up.
How to put your horse in cross-ties properly to keep them and you safe.

Grooming: The many and proper techniques

Tacking: how to tack correctly for the horses' needs, and how to determine if a saddle fits you properly. 

Leg wraps or boots: what do they do? How to determine what is best for your horse. How to make sure boots fit properly and wraps are applied correctly. 

Mounting: for safety for you and the comfort of your horse. Adjusting stirrups and girths, before and after you mount.

Riding lesson: Proper warm-up for the horse. Balance and correct body position, and why it’s important. Rein aids, Leg aids, Natural aids, Artificial Aids.

Caring for the horse when the ride is over: 
Cool down your horse, Untack.
Cleaning and caring for the tack.

How to groom handouts will be available. 

This clinic will be taught by Andrea :)

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