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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we bring decorations?  - Yes, but please no balloons as they can spook horses.

  • What time do we start?  - 2:00 pm.

  • Can we bring our bike helmet ?  -   No, Isola Riding Academy supplies approved riding helmets.

  • What should they wear?   -   Long sturdy pants are recommenced. No shorts please. 

  • What kind of shoes?   -   Isola Riding Academy has riding boots that you can borrow for the ride.

  • Is there a release that needs to be signed?   -   Yes, all riders must have a signed release before mounting a horse. We have releases to sign the day of the party. We also have an online release option.

  • Can adults also ride?  -   Yes, please note we have a 200 lbs weight limit. 

  • What is youngest rider allowed?   -  3, if a parent or adult is willing to help with the child. 

  • Is it ok to bring food and games for the kids?  -  Yes

  • How many riders can you accommodate?  -  20

  • Will there be tables and chairs to use?  - Yes, four picnic tables that can seat up to 40. 

  • What happens if it rains?   -  If it rains hard enough to affect the footing in the arena, we will have to cancel. 

  • How long can we use the picnic area after the ride?   -  90 minutes. 

  • Can our party be catered?   -  Yes

  • Can we bring alcohol? - Yes, beer and wine. Please remove all refuse after party.  

  • Does Isola Riding Academy cater for parties?   -  No

  • How much is the average tip for the horse handlers? - $20

  • How many handlers per party?   -  Typically one per every five riders. 

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