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Riders will learn to: 

Ride “Hunt Seat” english style

Lead pony or horses correctly.

How to mount correctly
Hold the reins properly

Leg Position 

Hold the foot in the stirrup for the best balance with heels heels down

Test girth for snugness

Drop and pick up stirrups without looking.


Walk the horse forward 

Stop the horse 

Steer right and left


Sit the trot

Post the trot

2 point position

Sit the trot without stirrups

Post the trot without stirrups

Perform a round circle, with and without stirrups

Transitions at arena rail letters, with and without stirrups

Understand tracking right and tracking left. 

Natural aids

Artificial aids

Rein aids (direct, indirect, bearing rein, bridged reins, pulley rein)

Leg aids

Effective use of aids

Beats at the walk and trot

Keep proper spacing 

Change directions in a group setting

Dismount and control during an emergency

Drill exercise 

Ride in opposing traffic

Trot over poles (no 2 point over poles)

Dismount Properly

Run up stirrups

Pull reins over head

Lead horses to water


Parts of the saddle

Parts of the bridle

Horse colors

Horse breeds

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