Evaluation Lesson
Your first lesson at Isola will be a Thirty minute Private Lesson. This lesson is an opportunity to introduce you to our program and allow your instructor to assess your current skill level. Afterward, the instructor will discuss your goals in order to develop a program to best suit your needs.

What will you need on your first day? You should wear long pants and a boot with a heel (no high heels please). We have riding helmets and boots available to borrow for your evaluation lesson. You are welcome to bring your own riding helmet if it is ATSM/SEI approved.


A release must be signed by every first time rider. Click HERE to sign!

Beginning Equitation
Students will learn the correct body position and proper handling of a horse. Riders will learn to control the horse at the walk and trot, perform circles, figure eights, and negotiate obstacle courses to challenge their abilities and build a strong foundation. When the rider is ready, cantering will be introduced. Students will learn terminology including horse colors, parts of the horse, and the tack used. This is an hour-long lesson with a maximum of 6 riders.

Intermediate Equitation
This lesson will bring riders their first experience with jumping. Students will continue to practice control at the canter, be introduced to cantering as a group, and will learn about leads at the canter. They will work on upward and downward transitions and will jump their first Jump. Riders will review and learn new elements of horsemanship in this 1-hour lesson. Maximum of 6 riders.

Advanced Jump
Students will learn to ride over multiple jumps, use their skills to properly execute a full course, and become show-ready. Riders will review and learn new elements of horsemanship in this 1-hour lesson. Maximum of 6 riders.

Adults will learn all the above riding with others that share their passion.

One on one lesson with an instructor

30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 Hour privates are available.

Ride with a friend or family member. Two on one lesson with an instructor

45 minutes.

Group Lesson Schedule

3:30 Beginning Equitation - Chantal 
5:00 Adult - Lisa

3:30 Intermediate Equitation - Heather
5:00 Adult Equitation - Lisa

2:00 Intermediate Equitation - Lisa
3:00 Beginning Equitation - Sierra 
4:00 Intermediate Equitation - Heather
5:00 Beginning Equitation - Heather

3:30 Intermediate Equitation - Heather
5:00 Inter/Adv Equitation - Sierra

5:00 Beginning Equitation - Chantal

1:00 Beg/Inter Adult - Lisa 
3:30 Beginning Equitation - Chantal
4:30 Intermediate - Sierra

9:00 Inter/Adv - Andrea 
10:30 Beginning Equitation - Sierra
11:30 Adult - Lisa
1:00 Inter/Adv - Lisa

8:45 Intermediate Equitation - Heather
10:00 Inter/Adv Adult - Lisa
11:00 Intermediate - Heather
12:00 Beginning Adult - Lisa
1:00 Beginning Equitation - Heather 

Private Lesson by appointment only.

Click HERE for lesson sign up!