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July 2019 RS Newsletter Update

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great summer! I wanted to share with you all the July Newsletter from the Regional Supervisor, Kathie Shultz. Please continue to check out for information on all regional activities (C certifications, rallies, and other events). For all of our Glenoaks Pony Club Riding Center, go to the Pony Club tab of Thanks, Charlotte :) July 2019 RS Newsletter Update Hi Mid Cal Pony Clubs, It is hard to believe we are into the month of July. Boy time flies when you're having fun. I like to start off this newsletter by welcoming  Bear Creek Riding Pony Club Center   to the Mid Cal Region Family of Clubs and Centers. Also, I would like to give a well-earned congratulations to all the newly certified C1/C2 candidates from the Spring Regional C1/C2 test on June 30th.  Additionally, a big thank you to Juliet Clark, South Bay Horse Park, Golden Hills Pony Club, the Examiners and Independent Observers for a pleasant and well-run test. In August, we have some wonderful unexpected opportunities for Mid Cal Pony Clubbers. First, there will be a Social for C1 and up, 13 -21 years of age at Webb Ranch on August 2. Then the Summer Event at Woodside Horse Trials, August 9 - 11,  is recognizing Pony Club. More details for each event will be found under Other Events.  Speaking of the content below I have made a small change to the newsletter format. You will find events in grey if they haven’t happened yet but whose closing date has passed. One last thing, it is time to start thinking about the 2019 regional annual meeting, the 2020 regional calendar, and the 2020 regional advisory board positions. I am hoping to send out a survey by September with some questions concerning focus and intentions for the region in 2020 for which I would love some feedback on. So keep an eye out for it. Some other things to keep in mind for next year’s personal and club planning, the USPC Equine Symposium & Convention, January 29- February 2, 2020, in Settle Washington.  2020 is the year for National championships and festival in Lexington Kentucky. It would be great to see Mid Cal well represented at both events. USPC Championship Information Reminder Championships CENTRAL Entry Deadline: July 15, 2019, Noon ET I am so Excited! I am starting to receive notifications of Members entered to compete in Champs Central. The Central region hosted champs is being held at the Colorado Horse Park <>, Parker, Colorado. The facility is supposed to be very nice and I am excited to visit and see it for myself. What a great opportunity for those qualified to compete and socialize. I will be in contact with registered Mid Cal members as soon as I can. The Guide Book is available at Some notes from the USPC Office about finding the Guidebook. The Guidebook to Championships has been electronically included in the latest version of Pony Club News.  A direct link to the Guidebook is available from the Championships page of the website and is also here, Please note that if you have recently visited the online Pony Club News, that when you return to the document, often your electronic device will take you to the last page you visited, rather than the Guidebook.  Clicking through the document to the end will get you to the correct information. Up Coming Events Rallies - Eventing Rally -  in conjunction with the Fresno Horse Trials, October 18 - 20, 2019. This is a qualifier for 2020 USPC Championships and Festival in Lexington, Kentucky.  Look for more information in next month’s update. The Packet will be posted as soon as it is available. The organizer is Heather Ercolano, Camps and Clinics - D - Camp - Registrations Closes July 10.  So get those registrations in for a Fun Camp and I look forward to seeing you there! July 19 - 21st, at Graham Hill Show Grounds, Santa Cruz, The Organizer is Nichole Fisher, Information is on the Mid Cal website. D Camp is a fun and educational experience designed for newer Pony Clubbers, D1-D3. Mounted and unmounted campers are welcome! Throughout the weekend the mounted participants will receive mounted lessons as well as unmounted horse management lessons. The unmounted participants will receive unmounted lessons regarding riding topics as well as horse management topics. Horse Management is throughout the weekend with the goal of teaching new members about the Horse Management portion of a rally and keeping the participants safe and happy. Optional rides and activities will take place Saturday and Sunday afternoons. D1-D3 Certifications are available prior to official rally start time. Requests for taking multiple certifications will try to be accommodated, but the number of candidates will dictate whether those requests can be met. D Camp information <> Serria Pacific Regional Summer Camp - July 12-14, at Eventful Acres, Oregon House, CA Serria Pacific Region has opened its summer camp to us. This looks like an awesome camp especially members who are looking for certification prep. The instructors for this Camp are Matt Brown, Deb Willson, Judy Mcherron, Jenette Scalon. SPR Summer Camp information <> Regionally Sponsored Certifications I would like to remind everyone that members preparing for future Certifications are encouraged to volunteer to help at certification testings. To volunteer please contact the certification's organizer C1/C2 test Fall Test -  Oct 12th at the HorsePark at Woodside, The organizer is Kathy Harold HA/HB Test - August 15-18, at Indian Hills Ranch, Milpitas, register on the USPC website by May 23. Volunteer Mounted and Umounted Students will be needed to help with Sections for this test. C3 & Up Mounted Test September 12- 15th, at the Horse Park at Woodside, Organizer, Molly Johnson Other events The Summer event at Woodside Horse Trials, August 9 - 11 - Pony Clubbing it up!  Starting this year the event wants to recognize Pony Club. How are they doing this?    -    In each class, there will be 1st and 2nd place ribbons presented to    the two top-placing pony club members in every class from Intro to Prelim.    Mid Cal Region is sponsoring those ribbons. Yay!    -    Participating Pony Club members will be highlighted with a USPC    designation after their name in the program. For Pony Club members to be    listed in the program with the USPC designation they need to be entered by July    20, 2019.  After that date, the Pony Club Member will still be    eligible for the ribbons just not have their name marked in the program.    -    Saturday night there is a Competitor Dinner. Competitors attend free    and guest tickets are only $20. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to show  Pony Club    camaraderie and appreciation to the Horse Park at Woodside by a strong    showing at the dinner? A link for tickets is coming soon. Buy Tickets at    this link or contact Jackie Anderson at  (Each    table has 10 places.) ***Save the Date,  August 2. *** Please join me for a Pony Club Social for C1 and up, 13 -21 years of age members at Webb Ranch to include berry picking and eating plus a short program about Pony Club opportunities for this group of members.

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