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Equestrian show jumping, commonly referred to as just show jumping, is a competitive equestrian sport where horse and rider teams navigate a series of obstacles in a specific order within an arena. The objective is to complete the course without knocking down any jumps or incurring penalties for faults, while also aiming for the fastest time possible.

The course typically consists of a variety of jumps, including verticals, oxers, combinations, and sometimes water jumps or other challenging obstacles. Each jump has a specific height and width, which can vary throughout the course. The jumps are designed to test the horse's athleticism, technique, and the rider's skill in guiding their horse over the obstacles.

In show jumping competitions, riders must complete the course within a set time limit. Time penalties are incurred for exceeding the allowed time, and additional penalties are added for knocking down jumps, refusing to jump a fence, or any other faults. The rider with the fewest penalties and the fastest time is declared the winner.

Show jumping is a popular and exciting sport that requires a strong partnership between the horse and rider. It is often included as part of equestrian events such as horse shows, Olympic Games, and other international competitions. Show jumping requires precise riding skills, effective communication with the horse, and careful planning and execution to navigate the course successfully.

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